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Managing Retail Operations - November

We take four months in the life of a dealership and show you ways to maximize its sales and profits. This realistic simulation is an application-based training program built on real-world experience. Locate problems, identify possible solutions, develop opportunities for improvement and maximize the interdependent relationship between all departments. The class provides a chance to immerse yourself in a dealership operating report to help identify and analyze dealership needs and market opportunities.

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  • Understand how ALL departments are connected and how they can affect each other

  • Learn what makes up the financial statement and how each department affects CSI scores

  • Learn ways to help improve your dealership cash and capital management

  • Analyze operating and compensation reports and develop motivational pay plans

  • Establish forecasting and planning strategies

  • And more!

When & Where

Nov. 8th - Nov. 10th, 8am - 6pm PT or until assignments are complete and Nov. 11th, 8am - 12pm PT

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott
8440 Freeport Pkwy Irving, TX 75063 (972) 929-8800


All-Department Simulation - including New, Used, F&I, Service, Parts and Cash Operation

Forecasting, Planning and Market Analyzing

Departmental Interconnectivity and Interdependency

Expense Management - including elements of a control program

Cash and Capital Management

Compensation - including managing mix and effective plans

Dealer 20 group meetings and Board of Directors

Guideline and Indicators - including industry averages and best practices